Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tarzan(s) for a day

The above picture captures the true emotion of terror if you look close enough.

What better way to spend a sunny May day than up in the trees where the sky is clear and the ground is... gulp... far below? There were spinning rubber balls to walk over (almost like Wipe-out!), rope swings, ladders, zip lines, skateboards, logs suspended in mid-air seperated by distances longer than myself, and monkey bars. Normally heights don't bother me at all, but there were a few instances here where I had to do some hard-core convincing to make myself go. It's weird how fear works... it is such a safety net for us. Our intelligent bodies KNOW that we shouldn't be stepping off platforms 60 feet above ground. But do we listen?? No... that's no fun at all.

Leslie was good enough to stay for the excitement, rooting for us from the trail and taking pictures!

Afterwards, Monica and I travelled downtown where we sauntered through Robinson's Outdoor Store, Value Village and a few other ones whose names I can't remember.

Hope everyone's long weekend was wonderful.

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