Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Over here, Nurse!

How do they do it?

Nurses are amazing people. Working with them, and attempting to become one has given me a lot of respect for men and women who work in this profession.

They have wicked time management skills.

They are on their feet for 12 hour shifts and then come in again the next morning to start at 7:00am, and do it all over again.

They are expected to know everything, or so it seems.

They survive the politics.

They can hear call bells from the other end of the halls, even in the midst of hundreds of other beeping noises from IV poles, med carts, bed alarms. You name it, it beeps.

They watch family members cry over their loved ones and try to be strong for them.

They can go home to their families and leave work behind them.

But the best nurses... are the ones who remember what it’s like to be a student.

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