Sunday, June 24, 2012

*Food for thought* and some pics

 Proposition: There's no such thing as selflessness, only people with a broader sense of self.
- B.L

I took myself on a little vacation at the beginning of June. 2 weeks! First stop: lots of wedding prep, followed by a lovely wedding in Pawnee, Oklahoma, then my fellow adventurer, Tia, came and we travelled Route 66 through Missouri (must see the world's largest rocking chair and St. Louis' famous arch!) Next: tagging along with big cousin Scott around the backroads, highways, and museums of Southwest IL , on to Eureka IL to play games, stormwatch and catch up with some very special people, and finally Chicago... perhaps my favourite city of all time. Perhaps... I have a lot more to see! I would love to hear if you have a favourite city (or cities)!

Kalynn and Kyle

The tallest man in the world, Robert Wadlow,
had a chair made especially for him. This is
how big it was.                                                                                                  

Tia, Shanna, Karmen in the bean's semi-clear complexion. (Chicago)

Have a good day wherever you are:)