Sunday, July 15, 2012

We be road trippin'! Pics part 1/2

Click on the link and you can open a slideshow in Picasa:) Here's a scenario to make you laugh: Tia and I are driving on a freeway and are still relatively new and unprepared for "turnpikes", or toll booths which only accept change. Some have people manning the booths (teeth are not required for this job), but others do not. Stopped at the turnpike, we were digging through our wallets to scrounge up change which we did not have! So... can't go backwards... not really supposed to go forwards... and off we go!!! The red buzzer and siren went off, but we escaped unscathed! Next, we are driving again and I have the hiccups! Ouch. Tia assures me that they are "party convulsions"... and nothing to worry about:) Cue: Howl with laughter. (At least we did...)
Roadtrip 2012! Ok-->IL PART 1/2
PS. Part 2 (Eureka IL- Chicago) coming soon!