Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Virginia (the place, not my Grandma!)

As promised, and in no particular order, here are some more pictures from our voyage to Norfolk, Virginia- the city whose official logo is the mermaid! And yes, my Mom's mom was named Virginia:) And might as well put a little picture of her up here, too:) 

Grandma Hanks with her first great grandchild (Kasen) in 2004! Grandma made potholders, told the same stories again and again, and hoarded salt and sugar packets from restaurants:) 
Back to the place Virginia:
Pillow case stockings... personalized with fabric paint:)

Christmas breakfast pancakes.

In the air!

Randy surveying the area.

Virginia Beach.

I get to marry him! 
Family photo! Kona probably couldn't figure out WHAT we were doing!

This particular gingerbread man got lots of attention... he was the last one I think. 

Candlelight... and lots of it!

Statue of Poseidon


These are cool. You stick them on your glass so it doesn't lose you. My favourite was the blue scuba guy:) His name was "deep". Some others were "cool", "curious", and "cuddly".

Lately I've been doing lots of stuff... swimming (New Years Resolution was to swim 52 times in the year 2014), wedding planning (invitations have started to go out and shoes purchased, etc ), saying goodbye to good friends, making food (carrot soup and chocolate chip cookies are the latest), watching the "Bee Movie"... seriously one of the most awesome movies ever, purchasing a new cell phone (I am now the owner of an IPhone 4S!), and a number of other things, including:  
A wonderful time with aunts, uncles and cousins (pictured) in Stanwood, WA for a Christmas Eve family reunion AKA "Hanksfest"

Tea after our Wednesday night bible study:)

Dinner and games with the Lachmanecs, Kylie and Kristie:) We played "grunt, piggy, grunt"... look it up if you havn't played it! It's pretty entertaining. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

So in the spirit of my computer being near broken and it taking roughly 30 minutes to upload three pictures, I will keep it brief! Here are a few pictures from Virginia, USA. I do intend to put some more on here. Daniel and myself, and Daniel's sister and brother in law (Alison and Mark), traveled to Norfolk, VA to spend Christmas with the Faulkner parents! They have a lovely, cozy home which backs onto an estuary with an abundance of wild life. 
 The Botanical Gardens- a perfect place for a CD cover photo shoot, right?! At least that is what it looks like to me.
 Virginia beach. One could rent horses to ride the beach on horseback.
 Christmas decorating
 Daniel and I wrapped in lights...
Botanical Gardens again!

xo ciao!