Thursday, April 10, 2014

New blogging space!

The Burj al Arab-- Rooms range from $2000-$28,000/night. So beautiful though!

I am super excited to start a new blog soon! 

There's a fairly large turning point coming up in my life in less than a month(like, getting married and all), and I feel like a new blog is in order!  

This new blog will get off to a rather exciting start... there will be a trip to Iceland to report on! 

But... I have no idea what to name it! Ideas anyone? Seriously, any idea at all! 

Current thought:

love and bugs/ love 'n' bugs 

love- aww
bugs- i keep bees/Daniel is a programmer so he deals with computer bugs... not that I'd ever be blogging about computer bugs though...FYI)

Battling cookies into submission!

Taking on the world!