Thursday, April 10, 2014

New blogging space!

The Burj al Arab-- Rooms range from $2000-$28,000/night. So beautiful though!

I am super excited to start a new blog soon! 

There's a fairly large turning point coming up in my life in less than a month(like, getting married and all), and I feel like a new blog is in order!  

This new blog will get off to a rather exciting start... there will be a trip to Iceland to report on! 

But... I have no idea what to name it! Ideas anyone? Seriously, any idea at all! 

Current thought:

love and bugs/ love 'n' bugs 

love- aww
bugs- i keep bees/Daniel is a programmer so he deals with computer bugs... not that I'd ever be blogging about computer bugs though...FYI)

Battling cookies into submission!

Taking on the world!


  1. I just re-discovered your blog! Hurrah! I see in your profile you have bees! So cool! I said to Jed just the other day how I'd like to have bees one day too! Look forward to following your blog, more closely!

    1. Bees are so fun! They would be perfect to add to your collection of farmyard animals!:)