Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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                                             Here are the last couple of months in pictures!

 Some snow found us after all... more up in Nanaimo than here in Victoria! 
 A great day for a drive with Mom up to see Monica.
 Hmmm... not a bad mattress!
 Daniel took me out for lunch on Valentines day after I picked him up from school:) It was a nice surprise! We then made our way to the park to dodge some hail and swing on the swingset:)
 Double rainbows over Gyro Park. The octopus looked right at home in that giant puddle!
 Inside the octopus.

 Monica, myself and Chelsea and Erika all have big trips coming up within the next few months... all three of them are going to England together, Erika leaves then Monica and Chelsea travel France, Scotland and Ireland... and then Chelsea leaves and Monica stays on in Scotland for a year! I am going to Iceland with Daniel a few days after our wedding:) So... we made a list of travel goals. 
 Kylie's golden birthday! We went to Rebar for dinner and then went to Fire It Up to paint our own ceramics:) All the coloured butterflies on the wall are colours of paint that you can choose from.

 Such a cool looking space!
 Jolynn came all the way from Coombs for high tea at the Empress with us! It was so delicious. There were strawberries and cream, a variety of fancy sandwiches, raisin scones with jam and cream, and the top level of the platter was all sorts of decadent sweets. My favourite was a lemon tart:)
 Miniature world!
 The circus scene.
 We took the double decker tour bus to Butterfly Gardens in Brentwood Bay. We had "Be a tourist in your own town" vouchers which entitled us to a bunch of great deals:)
 Oh to be a pink flamingo!
 Sun coming up after a night shift at work... the mountains were really clear this day!
This is me! With my head photoshopped out:) Photo by Kristie at :)

Happy Wednesday! 
There was a notice in the mailbox saying we are not to use any water from 8am-2pm because they are working with the water pipes. My productivity has suffered because I can't start a day off properly without a shower! Or maybe that's just an excuse;)

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