Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The last few days, visually speaking

You're bee-u-ti ful. And those smoothies were tasty.

Home sweet Sidney.

Kylie amongst the yellow furniture:)

Layne testing his IQ. A delectable BBQ followed! Complete with corn on the cob and dental floss.

I love the colours in this picture!

Some music! 

Beacon Hill Park

Jenelle putting like a pro:)

Editor's note: We didn't eat the dental floss!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Across the water

I really love living on Vancouver Island, but am also pretty thrilled that a day trip to the big city of Vancouver is possible when cabin fever starts to set in. Or island fever?  Although we have everything we need here, there is no skytrain (yet), and to me, that is a good enough reason to cross the water to the mainland. There's something about underground tunnels covered with ads and graffiti art, sky-high rails, and hundreds of busy, beautiful people that I will never tire of. 
So this is the day in pictures! 

Ferry- approx. 7:30am.

Stanley Park

Lion's Gate bridge

Our bikes by the beach.

Say cheese!

These little birds were so adorable. So adorable that I forgot all rules of the road and slowed down quickly without shoulder checking and ensuring that Monica wasn't behind me... oops! No harm done:)

This was an accidental photo, but I kinda like it!

Lunch at an East Indian place.

Science World! Or the Telus World of Science as it is now referred to.

 Me and my lego man:)

Hot chocolate with hazelnut gelato. Too good to be true, but it was!

Canada Place. Turns out there were probably offices on the other side of this wall!