Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some winter snow

Thankfully you don't have to be a good photographer or have a good camera to snap a decent shot of such a beautiful place! The Samsung wave does the job. I am not usually a morning person but waking up at 445am for an early drive up to the mountain suits me just fine:) I'll even offer to make lunches and drive part way! 

A peaceful Mt. Washington in the morning a few days after Christmas. 

Aaahhhh.... the chairlift.

Mt. Washington back in 2009! Looks like a clear, sunny day:) Christina, you're adorable! 

The Rocky Mountains!

Skiing at Sunshine Village in Canmore, Alberta a few years ago in 2011. 

A bit of sun in NZ 2008- don't we look impressed? We are about to find out how difficult surfing is! I think Monica's already on the lookout for sharks...

Have a lovely day:)

Friday, January 4, 2013

``Alt J- Taro``

Happy 2013! 

I thought I'd better start the year off right by writing a blog post... not that it's going to make the new year any better for anyone, but oh well.The year did have a wonderful beginning to it, actually! We rang in the new year with a splendid view of fireworks set off from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle, a short walk along the streets of Seattle with thousands of highly energized people of all ages, a good sleep, and then a tasty brunch in the morning with pretty awesome people. Pictures to come:)

I looked at my blog post last year at this time, and I did not so bad with my new years resolutions! 3 out of 4. Which is still not considered a real success. So I am not going to post my NYR this year! :) What a solution, eh!?


This picture was floating around on some of the internet sites I frequent... so I had to check it out. It would be cool to watch the northern lights from the igloo!

Just clowning around! Halloween party hosted by the Russ and Lynette in Nanaimo.

Campfire a little while ago.... back in T-shirt weather!

Trip to Vancouver, BC to catch up with the NZ crew and a few of the Washington Hanks! They had a long plane ride ahead of them, but still in good spirits! 

Koben and Kasen.

Christmas day at Mom and Dad`s:)

A few of the puzzle people.

This is definitely out of season. I found this one from Elk Lake in the summer!

November came and went! Good riddance to the moustache! 

It`s been a pretty slow week so far, such is the life for a person who is on call and who does not get called! It`s given me time to do all my dishes and other menial tasks, so not all is lost. I carry my backpack with work stuff with me at all times just in case!

Hope all is well for you and thanks for stopping in:)