Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Island Day

So many islands to discover, so little time...... and we sure did discover this one! Drove from one end to the other three times in fact (just about anyways). We are dedicated cave searchers.

A self-designated enforcer of the law followed us until we sped through a school zone (which is easy to do when there doesn't appear to be a school or school signs nearby) and set us straight right off the bat. Phew. Who knows what other trouble we'd cause on the island!

We had an absolutely scrumptious lunch at the Hummingbird Pub... this was definitely the place to be a few hours after we left- they were hosting the Gulf Island Idol!

Beautiful day for a cave search. However, no caves were found due to high tide. Just lots of ocean, warm rocks, driftwood, beach houses, and docks. I don't think we did too bad after all...

AND we were able to take a scenic detour on our way back to Swartz Bay. The detour stopped at Mayne Island and Pender before taking us home. This allowed for alot of much-needed card playing time.