Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tarzan(s) for a day

The above picture captures the true emotion of terror if you look close enough.

What better way to spend a sunny May day than up in the trees where the sky is clear and the ground is... gulp... far below? There were spinning rubber balls to walk over (almost like Wipe-out!), rope swings, ladders, zip lines, skateboards, logs suspended in mid-air seperated by distances longer than myself, and monkey bars. Normally heights don't bother me at all, but there were a few instances here where I had to do some hard-core convincing to make myself go. It's weird how fear works... it is such a safety net for us. Our intelligent bodies KNOW that we shouldn't be stepping off platforms 60 feet above ground. But do we listen?? No... that's no fun at all.

Leslie was good enough to stay for the excitement, rooting for us from the trail and taking pictures!

Afterwards, Monica and I travelled downtown where we sauntered through Robinson's Outdoor Store, Value Village and a few other ones whose names I can't remember.

Hope everyone's long weekend was wonderful.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Over here, Nurse!

How do they do it?

Nurses are amazing people. Working with them, and attempting to become one has given me a lot of respect for men and women who work in this profession.

They have wicked time management skills.

They are on their feet for 12 hour shifts and then come in again the next morning to start at 7:00am, and do it all over again.

They are expected to know everything, or so it seems.

They survive the politics.

They can hear call bells from the other end of the halls, even in the midst of hundreds of other beeping noises from IV poles, med carts, bed alarms. You name it, it beeps.

They watch family members cry over their loved ones and try to be strong for them.

They can go home to their families and leave work behind them.

But the best nurses... are the ones who remember what it’s like to be a student.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

THIS JUST IN: Unemployed no more!

...Blah blah unemployed, blah blah same job...

So what have I gone and done now? You betcha- I sent a cheery, hopeful letter to my old place of work (again- this may be the third time I have returned after leaving) and they told me that they do indeed require my clothes-selling skills. Yahoo!

I was thinking that if I'm ever a boss of sorts, I would really hope that I could be like my bosses at Marks (not only because they hired me again). I agree with this quote:

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.
Dwight Eisenhower

And this one tickles my funny bone:
Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men -- the other 999 follow women.
Groucho Marx

Not much changes at the store from year to year, so it's never too much of an adjustment to go back. Thankfully.

Come on in to the Sidney by the sea location and say 'hi'! (And buy some jeans. We have LOTS).

Monday, May 3, 2010


I forgot how nerve-wracking it is to apply for a job! Sadly, I guess that shows how long I have been unemployed/at the same job. I've realized that now that school is only 3 days each week, it is the perfect opportunity to make some moo-lah.

Anyhow, here's some pictures from a superb long weekend we spent in Washington and Oregon. Why there? Washington contains some wonderful friends and family, and as for Oregon, well duh, it has no tax! Not to mention some wonderful outlet malls. Now I am fully outfitted for hopefully a LoNg time, and remain in a good mood because we snagged some amazing deals. For example, one store practically gave away 4 tops and a bag to me for $33! I almost feel bad for the store owners.

Baskin Robbins had a special sale on, ONE NIGHT ONLY! 31 cent scoops, so naturally Uncle Larry persuaded us to stop after meeting on Wed. night. Didn't take much persuading however.

I just like this picture. We didn't buy the dresses though.

Cacao: Portland's source for drinkable chocolate. Mmm. Andrea knows all the hot spots. Powell's books, Papa Haydn's, and an Italian grocery store, just to name a few.

Snoqualmie Falls. They are roaring, meandering, swirling... etc.