Friday, February 26, 2010

Shanna sees a surgery.

x3 actually. And doesn't feel sick, or pass out, or contaminate the sterile field!


The operating room is such a busy, crowded place. The patient, 2 surgeons, 2 nurses, the anesthetist, and any other person who happens to be walking by and wants to check out the action in a small-ish room. My favourite part was that they had music on in the background. If I was going to be surrounded by masked, capped, and gowned people, numerous peculiar-looking instruments, lights and machines before they slowly cause me to drift off to sleep, a little 98.5fm in the background would be nice.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Catching the beam

Time for a post. Between studying, episodes of staring longingly outside at the sun, rushing water and crackers to my poor sick mama, etc. I shook the dust off Sal and took a few shots.

"I'm dusty! Play me!"

This dog just moved from sunbeam to sunbeam today. He seemed to be especially fond of this one (and bored, judging by the expression on his face). Next time we make a fire I will be certain we have marshmellows and graham crackers on hand, it is not quite the same without smores! Is it just me or does it look like there is a monster coming out of the fire?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

*I can't think of a title...*

I was trying to think if there was anything blogworthy to blog about today, and came to the conclusion that no, nothing extraordinarily exciting, crazy, or jaw-droppingly hilarious happened today.

Then the little gears in my brain started shifting.

If I measure the value of my day by these outrageous standards, I could very well label all my wonderfully average days as boring! And then start feeling sorry for myself and bored. And then possibly do something fanatical and foolish to make up for it. And then wish I had my good old average days back. Or at least wish I had appreciated them.

So here’s what my darn good average day looked like.

Woke up before my alarm clock! (I LOVE when that happens).
Had a shower, felt squeaky clean.
I ate cold cereal for breakfast and attempted to stay clear of mother who was flitting about getting things ready for company to stay for lunch. (When she’s organizing, she’s organizing... everything.)
Had Sunday morning meeting. It was lovely as always. The singing was particularly nice I thought. Maybe our living room has good acoustics.
Potluck lunch=delicious. We discussed sewing, travel plans, favourite quotes. Oh, and the occasion? Happy 50th Dad! “Don’t worry, you’re not quite 100 yet”. He asked me if we had enough cupcakes for the number of years he will be (50). I counted them, and somehow had it in my head that we didn’t have enough, because we only had 85! For a moment I must have thought he was OLD!
Gospel meeting with Judy, Betty, Holly. On the way home we spotted some free (escaped) peacocks on the road.
Studied some flashcards for a midterm coming up on Tuesday. Yech. Studying antiemetics almost MAKES one nauseous!
Leftovers for dinner.

Walked with Dad and Monica up into the forest to see the city lights. We scratched that idea pretty fast, but the fog was nice to look at too. I had a pretty awesome flashlight which made me feel like I had a spotlight or something. It was really bright and in a perfect circle.

Pretty average Sunday, no?! (Add French accent)

If I remember correctly, this was taken of my Grandma and I on a not-so-average Sunday in the balmy wetlands Down Under.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Spy...

Homeade perogies and chow mein from scratch! Good thing for friends who are also talented chefs, we whipped this up in no time! We tried a potato filling for the perogies. It was good, but I still vote for the cottage cheese mixture.

And a juice box in the shower?
I just love sharing a bathroom with Sterling, really, I do.