Friday, June 4, 2010

Estoy muy emocionada!

Here's a little list of the things I am counting...

3 days of practicum left

5 days until school is completely done for the summer

21 days until we get to attend a wedding. (Mr. Sun, please come too.)

22 days until the Hanks and Beck clans collide for a momentous family reunion (or "starwatch"). At the first starwatches way back in the day, everyone would bring their sleeping bags and watch the stars:)

24 days until Monica and I leave the country and become suspended in the air for a little while.

25 days until we arrive in Lima, Peru and meet our host family!

27 days until I start teaching english. Oh dear! Any teaching tips?

44 days until we begin our ascent up towards Machu Pichu

50 days until we arrive in Nicaragua! This country sounds so beautiful! I can't wait.

But who's counting?

And just for a side-note... it's a matter of minutes until I will be resuming a Pirates of the Caribbean Marathon, and that's pretty exiting too. (Captain Jack Sparrow= AMAZING)

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