Saturday, October 2, 2010

Episode ?

Dear: Anyone one who is dying to know or is simply slightly curious about what I've been up to...
The last few weeks have been interesting. I've been adapting to life in the fulltime workforce again ("what's this... bright round shiny thing in the sky?" and "Now that I am making money, i can buy this banana bread smoothie, ooh and that awesome vanilla refillable shampoo without parabens... and and and!" <--- major lie/mistake/fib which I need to work on.
My two jobs are great because they are so different. One is at a bakery where I sell people bread and tasty treats, and sing along to the 70s music that they have playing super loud. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!! Who wouldn't want to wear an apron, white bakers' pants, and a baseball cap all day long? Heh, we look pretty funny but I don't really mind. It makes morning choices a cinch.
Job numero dos is a mixture of house cleaning and homecare. Essentially, I help people out so they don't end up in the hospital or a care home before absolutely necessary. Awesome! A lot of the clients have been in car accidents and are not able for everything they used to do, but still pretty capable. Moral of the story: Please be careful and drive safe!
I think it's funny how we (myself included) ask people what they are going to "be".
For now, I'm not thinking about what I'm going to "be". 'Cuz I already am.
Have a superb afternoon-
Ps. the banana bread smoothie was an amazing combo of banana, walnut and peanut butter (from Jessie's juice, Sidney), and the shampoo I still need to try, but I love that you can bring the bottle back to the store and they will refill it. No more needless bottles to dispose of!


  1. "I think it's funny how we (myself included) ask people what they are going to "be" Cuz I already am."

    Amen Sista!! (haha, literally ;D)Was Jessie there?