Thursday, October 14, 2010

WOW (not the game type)

Just wow. Go watch it.

Because I know some of you won't (shame on you), there is new-ish research showing that the influence caused by environmental factors can be passed down genetically. For example, if your grandmother was exposed to high levels of a toxin, you may possibly exhibit the same ill effects although you never sniffed that toxin in your life! Or if you experienced a traumatic, stressful event that left you with symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, your grandchildren could exhibit the same symptoms although never experiencing the event you did. These environmental factors occur and get locked into the jumble of genetics that makes you "you".

They explain it SO much better in the documentary (probably because they actually GET it).




  1. but, but, the darwin variant of the atheist religion had already been well established prior to early findings of epigenetics, and on some assumption that atheist scientists had figured out enough already to answer all of the great philosophical questions! richard dawkins, *embarrassed* again-- who would have guessed?

    jablonka and lamb (evolution nuts) confessed in 2007 that these findings may force some "enhancing" (embellishing) of modern evolution 'theory'...

    note that this inheritance phenomenon is contrary to the "survival of the fittest" paradigm. here, damaging events and pathology might survive through generations. those stronger people who survived a famine ended up with offspring who were LESS functional wrt food supply, already suffering starvation symptoms before a new famine even came... whoops.

    thank you for sharing!

  2. VERY interesting!!! Thanks for posting =)

  3. I need someone's help to see the video, Shanna. I can't get any sound. It sounds interesting... love,