Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Hi! It's Cinderella!"

Shantal- pooped from a day at school, Pablito (little Pablo)- look at those cheeks!!, Astrid- beautiful inside and out- I miss them!

I'm done reminiscing about our Peruvian travels for now...

So more recently when I was babysitting once the kids were told they could watch just one TV program. So that one program came and went and then we decided to play Cinderella. This was Elie's (4) choice. Her little brother got roped into being the horse for the first part, then the doorman for the rest. He soon up and left the ball to resume some colouring and rummaging through the bathroom drawer. But what I really wanted to share with you was this conversation:

Elie: "I'll be Cinderella. OH! My phone is ringing! Hello? (In the sweetest, most high pitch princessy voice you have ever heard).

Cue me, Sleeping Beauty, on the other Line.

Me: "Hi Cinderella. It's Sleeping Beauty. Are you going to the ball?

Cinderella: Yes, my dress is so beautiful. Is yours?

Sleeping Beauty: It sure is!

Cinderella: Oh I've just had a terribly busy day. {Wait, Shanna- what do princesses do during the day?}

Me: What would you do if you were a princess?
Back in her Cinderella voice:

Cinderella: Well, Sleeping Beauty, first I went to preschool and then I saw my babysitter and now I'm going to the ball!

Princesses go to preschool and have babysitters? Not in my day!! Well maybe they did...

Have a good day wherever you are!

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