Sunday, August 8, 2010


Now is the fun part. I get to sift through my photos and try to remember all the cool things we saw.

So I confess that I am just slightly obsessed with this fabulous building. It's a Catholic Church and Convent in Lima, Peru. That's not why.

I just love that it is so OLD. It was first built in the 1670s, and a lot of it is still original.

There are cattacoombs and underground tunnels beneath it filled with human bones- eerie. The belief was that you would be closer to heaven if you were buried under the church.

Apparently you can decode a lot about the culture, important people, and beliefs of the time by the paintings on the walls. Some of the paintings where covered over with tapestries and were just discovered in the last 20 years. How exiting would that be to find?!
I think another reason I enjoyed exploring this place so much was that I got in really cheap with the use of my trusty Student card. After all the hullaballoo I went through to get it, I was glad to finally go to somewhere that would accept it!


  1. COOOL! gotta love those student cards. you guys home now?

  2. i like your play on the word 'confession!' ;)

    very old buildings are very neat. i have not seen one this old! need to get off this continent for that.

    love cousin paul