Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Prospective Move

Yippee! Everything seems to be falling into place and, if all continues to do so, I will be moving to a beautiful lakeside city that screamed “come back!” to me as I drive through it on my way home today. It’s funny how some places are so much more desirable than others. This city has impressed me in many ways so far. Just to name a few:

-Super friendly bus drivers (as I jumped aboard and grabbed a bus schedule) and lovely information booth lady.
-The college is, by my standards, cute. It is small and compact, and has a Tim Hortons and a Starbucks.
-Downtown has an old, yet vibrant feel to it. Not to mention wide streets with parking spaces which do not require parallel parking skills.
-Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am very directionally challenged. But in this city, I can actually follow the map, and it all makes sense!
-I can’t even imagine how many beach accesses there are here.
-At night, in the lake’s reflection, you can see all the houses looking across the water.
-Not too far out of town, after traveling past vineyards, more lakes, a few more cities, and most likely some construction, there are some wonderful people that will take me in and make me laugh. And come be my roomies:)

It probably doesn’t hurt that every time I have been there, it has been warm and sunny out. But then again, the nearby ski hill should be enough to satisfy me in the longer, harsher winters there than we have in Victoria.

Now I just need to cross my fingers and toes that I get accepted into 3rd year Nursing at the College. Otherwise, I stay put.


  1. LOVE the photo! I hope everything works out! <3

  2. Can't wait! :) It'll be so awesome when you arrive...and i miss you tons already! <3

  3. pretty exciting! and within road trip distance to me! :)

  4. You too Cort! Hope the summer class is going well!!

    Joni- Woohoo! We'll make it happen!

  5. Monica- <3 (Ps. you were NOT an afterthought.)