Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Summer in the Corn

Because I had such a great time there last year, and met people I can't go another year without seeing... I'm headed back to Iowa to detassel corn!

To make a very long, complicated explanation short, the job involves walking up and down corn rows and pulling off "tassels" so that the corn plants pollinate properly. Sunburns from hot hot hot days in the sun, (or rain if we are extremely unlucky), sore feet, aching backs, seeing tassels when we close our eyes, Ipods running out of charge halfway down a row... and the list goes on..

Nonetheless it's all kinda fun. Especially the days we visit "Big Blue" (a lake nearby) or when we decide to play a prank on the guy's house and it SUCCEEDS! or when there is a particularly thrilling ping pong game going on. But my favourite part... the LIGHTENING BUGS! If only I could take a few home.

Excited? YES! ... Packed? Not even close:S


  1. When do you leave?
    AND when are you making a trip to Edmonton?!

  2. left on the 24th!!
    I don't know, soon I hope!!! Will you be going to school there next year also?

  3. sooo waiting to see new pics of your adventure in the corn!!! how was it?! yes i stay here for school so make a trip eh?!