Friday, September 4, 2009

Our tramping adventure!

Monica, Sterling, Willow, Cory, Brodie, and I tackled 37 kms of the Juan de fuca trail, just north of Sooke, BC.

Something I learned from this experience: ALWAYS bring duct tape with you, it is very useful for many things, including blisters!

The van packed to the brim.
Our last night we had a campfire, it was raining so we had our trusty ponchos on...

There must be a delicious dinner being made in this photo... anything tasted really good after eating mushed granola bars all day!

What a nice frontyard:)

Some of the hike was right along the beach so we took advantage of that and got barefoot and walked right in the water.

Monica and Willow doing dishes. Who needs soap when you've got dirt?

The campfire burning away.

Bridge to nowhere.

Ah, here's some better quality photos!

We either misread or ignored the tide tables so at one point we were forced to climb up the mountain instead of walking horizontally along the beach.

Just gorgeous.

We saw a humpback whale! He's not in this picture, but it was in this spot!

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