Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jan.25, 0832

I'm making a photobook for my nanny's 80th birthday in March, and have had the wonderful assistance of many to compile pictures to use. I love these ones in sepia. I wonder what colours the vehicle and her skirt were. I've done photobooks using Blurb (highly recommended for quality, ease of use, value) and am now working with Mixbook (not recommended- use Blurb instead.) Isn't she a beauty?

New Years resolutions update: I've organized and re-organized my things (including stuff stored in boxes at Mom and Dad's), taken relatively good care of myself (chocolate chip mint ice cream is health food, right?!) , however have not joined a choir yet, nor have I found out if I passed my LPN licensing exam! 50%- not too bad for Jan. 25!

Have a fabulous day :)


  1. for fun, you could open them in photoshop or elements, put the paintbrush into "coloring" mode, and give that skirt whatever color you like! ;)

    yes, i think choc chip mint ice cream is health food, it's on my list anyway.