Friday, January 6, 2012

Cleaning out the ol' cellular

Here are a few of the pictures that I rescued from my telephone. Note they are all ancient history now as we have stumbled upon 2012! Good grief. Happy New Year:)"I do NOT roll my eyes at you!"
At a really cute bakery...

My gingerbread house (and forest and snowman and mailbox- I got a little carried away).

During one of our weekly runs while we were training for the 10K last year. Hmm, it seems to be training time again!

Family on Christmas. So nice to Christmas with you all again this year:)

Pike Place Market in Seattle. We went to the first Starbucks EVER!

And to the nasty, smelly, horrible, "I can't believe I got that close" gum wall.

Joe's seafood bar and grill became a new favourite place to eat this year. Delicious fish tacos.

At Camosun, the student society held a nail pounding contest. 6 of us from the Practical Nursing Program joined, and we won!

Mountain bike championchips. Crazy stuff these people do.

Hmm- I'd think this girl is enjoying carrying a yellow rose around all day:)

Bonfire- complete with baked potato, smores, hot cocoa, and fancy candles to keep bugs away:)

Some beach, some where...

Canmore, Ab. Sadly, I havn't been skiing since this time in February of last year!

Joni! I found one!!

Jenna and I.

New Years Resolutions:

1) Pass LPN exam on Jan. 11th

2) Organize my stuff

3) Take care of myself (eat well, exercise, yada yada yada)

4) Editor's note. Oops I forgot this one-
Join a choir... no more whining about missing high school band/choir!

I always make resolutions, but have always completely forgotten what they were by the time the end of the year. So maybe writing them down this year will help?! We shall see. Or maybe I really do have the memory of a goldfish and it won't make any difference:)

Have a great day-


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  1. NICE!! I love the look on my face in that first one ;)