Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm back.

Enough with this black background! It's spring, baby! At least here on the West Coast it is...

Two weeks ago it was summer where I was. I guess Mexico is (in our reasoning) always summer, it just skips in and out of monsoon season. I started this post the day we were leaving Riviera Maya. I had pulled up a chair in the "office" part of the resort and started writing something about sitting in a glass room with a thatched roof and watching monkeys play outside but hurriedly left that post when I saw my parents running around outside looking for me. I honestly wouldn't have minded missing that airport shuttle!

Pictures to come, as soon as a find a new charger for my laptop. Now, not only do I have no internet at home, now I am without a functioning computer as well! Gasp. I've been transported back 15, maybe 20 years, to a time where knowing stuff wasn't so accessible and empty space on the desk reserved for laptops was occupied by notebooks, maybe, or a typewriter (for the oldtimers), or perhaps the type of paraphernalia that sits on TOP of my closed, useless laptop.

Cheers for now:)

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