Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally some pictures:)

This is Larcomar, a new-ish shopping centre built along the sea side. This photo was taken by an overly excited waiter who was trying to convince us to eat at his restaurant by explaining all the menu items. It worked for about 5 minutes but by the time 20 rolled around I had decided to move on:)

A day hike (the one with cows and dogs and a waterfall). Pretty, yeah?

This is our family with a volunteer who left the day we came. To get to the house we need to walk up five flights of stairs- it was hard on the legs at first! Wait, I lie- it still is. School seems to be optional for the kids- we have not figured out why some days they go and some days they stay home. Little Pablo is so adorable and the kids all adore him. The father (Pablo also) works at a Casino somewhere in town.



  1. PICTURES!!! :) :) 5 flights of stairs! oh man .. your going to have wicked strong legs ... when it gets easy just run up them! hahah!

  2. Photos at last!! So nice to see your host family. Can you tell them that your Mom says hola and gracias?