Friday, July 16, 2010

21 hours later...

21 hours later on the BUS... we arrive to the beautiful city of Cusco. It is warm and sunny, although still winter, so the locals (and therefore us as well as we try not to stand out tooo much) are dressed in long pants and heavy sweaters with scarves and all sorts of winter attire.
The bus trip was quite the adventure. We booked it a long time ago so managed to snag the front seats up top (prime viewing location)!! We had reclining chairs and foot rests, as well as 2 meals, and a game of Bingo. Somehow, I won the Bingo game! I had to go to the back of the bus and, using the microphone, and say something. So I told everyone my name and said thankyou... :) The prize was a free bus trip from Cusco to Lima, but it has to be used between Aug. 9 and Sept. 9.

Once in Cusco we found our hostel and had a warm shower!!! First one in weeks:)

We ventured out for lunch and were served soup with chicken parts (feet). Blech. We tried to eat them but they were really tough.

We came across a museum like place with exhibits of artwork that children in the areas have produced. Volunteers go out to see children living in the surrounding Quechua tribes and bring art supplies. Because there are so few external influences on their imagination (like TV, books, radio) their artwork is a completely pure representation of how they view their everyday surroundings.

Today we are running errands and looking around the main Plaza.
Book hostel for nicaragua- done!
Buy medicine for Monicas cough- done!
Update blog- done!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

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  1. Great to hear you're in Cusco. Have a wonderful trek on the Inca Trail.