Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

The taste of New Year's

We tied our stylish aprons, turned on the tunes and baked a New Year's cake, complete with filling, frosting and homemade fondant. Did it look/taste anything like what we were aiming for? Not quite, but we had a good time making it anyway.

This red and white shooting star cake was our inspiration, but we were going to use blue instead of red. The finished result has quite a different look to it. It was necessary to cover up as much of the fondant as possible as to hide the scales. It tasted heavenly except even sugar lovers cut off the edges because the fondant and frosting was so sweet. (I don't blame them... I know how much sugar we used to make that stuff! 12 cups to be exact!). And there were cornstarch lumps.

Meet Smurphy Mike- we couldn't think of anywhere else that we have seen that colour of blue before (just on smurphs, which by the way are so TWO decades ago now!).

"Why did our cake go so far wrong?"
"It's Smurphy's Law"
Hope everyone has had a fabulous holiday and a great start to 2010!

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