Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So the last few weeks I have had a little problem. It’s called sleeping in. It isn’t too serious yet because I have still managed to get to my morning classes, but definitely NOT with time to spare.
The issue is, I am still fast asleep when I “wake up” to my alarm clock, and swiftly press the off button, instead of snooze.

When that is just what I need, a few more snoozes.
Today I miraculously got ready and out the door in 25 minutes, and I was showered, dressed, teeth brushed, books in bag, full of breakfast and debatably in a decent mood.

I think I will make myself a teaching plan. We have to make these in school. But of course, you first have to recognize the patient/client/person’s readiness to learn. I think I’m ready to enjoy a full night of ZZZZ’s again.

Goal: To avoid mayhem in the wee hours of the morning

Strategies: Do not stay awake past my bedtime (it's a real toughie...)
No delightful daytime naps
Put alarm clock WAY on the other side of the room
Make sure I can hear alarm clock when it is WAY on the other side of the room

How will I know I have achieved this goal: I will notice that my morning routine has become slightly less frenzied. Fairly obvious really. (These teaching plans tend to be that way).
Wish me luck and remember to get some quality ZZZ's too!

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