Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Just a few snapshots of Halloween by request! We asked the landlords upstairs to please send the trick or treaters back around the house so we could give them candy too. They said that usually there one or two dozen children come by. Not this year! Forty-four costumed kids!

Some of my favourite costumes:

Fuzzy dinosaur
Broken china doll
Santa (there were a few of them!)

I painted "trick or treat" in glow in the dark paint on that sign... no glowing happened however!

I was having a bubble bath! It was a fun, simple costume that caused my hair all sorts of static until I put the shower cap on at which point I felt like I belonged in the operating room! 

I thought the little rubber ducky was a nice touch:)

We used some cobwebs...

Daniel was into the safari look.

"Beware of attack gecko"- the older kids thought this was neat. The littler ones probably didn't even see him!

Today I dropped the pumpkins off at the base of Mt. Doug where pumpkins from all over come to convalesce after a hauntingly busy halloween season! 

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