Wednesday, June 12, 2013

***Picture Slideshow***

Here is the slideshow I promised! (Or I guess it is just an album of pictures- but you can make it a slideshow  if you want!)

Just click on the picture below:)


- Climbed Mt. St. Helens
- Went to the Mt. St. Helens Visitors Center with Uncle Larry and Auntie Bev

-"Slid" down sand dunes on garbage bags
-Saw the Sea Lion Caves
-Walked up the Astoria Column
-Saw the Carousel in the Seaside Mall
-Went to Fort Stevens and Peter Iredale's Shipwreck

-Saw the Redwood trees and drove through one!
-Explored the Fern Canyon
-Saw wild elk
-Enjoyed a wonderful church convention near Sacremento
-Went to Golden Gate Park
-Went up Coit Tower
-Saw the Golden Gate Bridge with Merra
-Had an evening of pizza and games with new Friends (thanks Phoebe!)
-Went to Alcatraz Island

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