Wednesday, March 31, 2010

By Post

I wrote a letter today to travel by snail mail.

I love sending (and receiving) actual hold-in-your-hand notes because they are not so easily forgotten in a long list of inbox messages (most of which are spam or letters from the college- they average about 6 a day), and seem to be a part of the past that has not completely been done away with yet.

Way back in the Victorian era (1837-1901), there were all sorts of rules of etiquette for letter-writers (ie. everybody). Underlining wasn't aloud, neither were abbreviations, and you had to use a new paragraph for each subject, or else! In other words, most of our feeble attempts at letter writing would earn us fails for sure. (Sign up for the texting competition instead...)

Check out my lovely Santorini/ Calendar/ envelope. Honourable mention, please? Picture- A writing table from the home of Mr. Poe himself.

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