Friday, February 20, 2009

My new baby: Sal AKA Nikon D60

Here I am, sitting inside on a beautifully sunny afternoon. I don't feel too guilty though because I was just out taking photos with my NEW camera! My little silver 2mp Canon just can't compete with the new technology these days. I went to a park near home with lots and lots of trees. Soon the flowers will come up, so I'll have to remember to go back then. The store also gave me a "digital imaging interactive learning suite" to keep me occupied. So far it has taught me a lot about colour. Looking back, it probably wasn't the best idea to buy a camera right before midterms, because who has time to study when there is a camera to figure out and photos to take? Maybe I'll buckle down... tomorrow:) If I can figure out how... I just may try to post some of them...


  1. So this is totaly old news. now. but i've just discovered it - and i'm sure it is still super exciting! a NEW CAM!!!! woot!

  2. old news or not, still exciting! :)